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In different years the plant was headed by:


Кондратий Семенович КРАСИЛЬНИКОВHe was the first director of the plant. He was at the head of the plantfrom February 1939 till March 1941 Under K. Krasilnikov the first shops of main and auxiliary production were built, the plant began constructing battleships of 23 project and destroyers of 30 project. In March 1941 he was dismissed because of moving to another work


Самуил Никитович ЗАДОРОЖНЫЙHe was at the head of the plantfrom March 1941 till October 1942 When Great Patriotic War began, plant manufactured armour-piercers, air bombs, marine creeps, barges, pontoons; storage bunker for oil products was established. In October 1942 Samuil Zadorozhny was dismissed because of moving to another work.


Сергей Александрович БОГОЛЮБОВHe was director of the plantfrom October 1942 till September 1949 He took energetic measures for plant extension and development of its productive capacities, building of ships of 122А project, repair and updating of Naval forces ships, ice-breakers and ships of transport fleet. Sergey Bogolubov is the author of ship modular building technology and optical method of shafting alignment; he personally controlled ships trials. In 1949 he was subjected to repression. In 1954 he was completely rehabilitated. In 1979 he became Severodvinsk honorary freeman.

Georgy K. VOLIK

Георгий Кононович ВОЛИКHe was at the head of the plantfrom September 1949 till February 1952 He provided flow-line positional method of ship building implementation using electric welding. In 1951 he was awarded USSR National Prize for destroyer building development of 30 project. In 1952 he was dismissed because of moving to another work. In 1963 he was awarded Hero of Socialistic Labour.

Evgeny P. EGOROV

Евгений Павлович ЕГОРОВHe was director of the plantfrom February 1952 till February 1972. Under his leadership the plant became great enterprise with the most perfect engineering processes in orders building. Namely because of it the enterprise was committed to develop and build the most difficult projects, including nuclear submarines. Conditions for building ships of titanic-alloys are established, projects of future workshops are being designed. In 1972 he was dismissed because of moving to another work. In 1971 he became Doctor of Engineering Sciences, in 1959 he was awarded Hero of Socialistic Labour, in 1970 became Lenin Prize winner. In 1978 he became Severodvinsk honorary freeman. Marine salvage tug and town square are named after him.


Григорий Лазаревич ПРОСЯНКИНHe was at the head of the Northern Machinebuilding enterprise (the former name of Sevmash) from February 1972 till April 1986. With his personal assistance new technology of main structure formation in workshop was developed, which provides possibility of manufacturing parts of new project. In this period great rehabilitation of the enterprise was carried out and building of third generation ships was commenced. In 1986 he retired on pension. In 1971 he was awarded Hero of Socialistic Labour, in 1984 he became Lenin Prize winner and in 1978 – USSR National Prize. In 1980 he became Severodvinsk honorary freeman.


Анатолий Иннокентьевич МАКАРЕНКОGeneral Director of Proizvodstvenoje objedinenije "Northern Machinebuilding enterprise" from April 1986 till May 1988. In this position he solved problems, connected with preparation of third generation ships manufacturing, new ship building technologies implementation, engineering processes improving, additional productive capacities. He was engaged in practical and scientific-research work in the field of acoustic protection of orders, made his contribution to head nuclear submarine with ballistic missiles building. In 1984 became the Candidate of science. In 1986 he was awarded Hero of Socialistic Labour. In 2006 he got medal “For Services before Severodvinsk”.


Давид Гусейнович ПАШАЕВGeneral Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Proizvodstvenoje objedinenije "Northern Machinebuilding enterprise" from June 1988 till March 2004. In most difficult economic conditions he was able to keep technological and productive potential of the enterprise, its working staff, made significant contribution to new approaches for defense technologies samples creation and nuclear submarines of the fourth generation building, efforts and works cost reduction. Under his leadership the whole set of measures regarding high techs “double” usage were established, nuclear submarines utilization programmes were carried out, creation of new branch of industry for building platforms for shelf development in arctic seas for the first time in Russia. In 1993 D. Pashaev, by Russian Federation Government regulation, was appointed President of Russian State Naval & Nuclear Engineering Center. In 1984 he was awarded Knight of October Revolution and in 1974 - Labour Red banner. In 1992 he became Academician of St.Petersburg Engineering Academy. In 1995 – Hero of Russian Federation. He also became National Prize winner. In 2004 he got medal “For Services before Severodvinsk”.


Владимир Павлович ПАСТУХОВGeneral Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Proizvodstvenoje objedinenije "Northern Machinebuilding enterprise" from May 2004 till July 2007. He graduated from Nikolaevsky Shipbuilding Institute in 1975 with specialty “Hull power plants” and qualification of Mechanical Engineer. His labour activity is fully connected with Sevmash: engineer of Slip way facilities technical department, mechanical engineer, senior mechanical engineer of nuclear submarine main power plant control, commissioning engineer, participant of several head nuclear submarines testing. From 1984 till 1993 he was commissioning engineer, leading commissioning engineer of head and serial submarines of 971 project, head of testing and commissioning to Naval Forces. From 1993 he was Deputy Head of slip way facilities for production preparation. In 1994-2004 he held position of Chief Engineer of the enterprise. In April 2004 he was appointed General Director. Under his leadership production scope is twice increased, rates of “pre-reformation” period are achieved, many technical and economical problems are being successfully solved, as well as rearmament problems, productive capacities renewal and updating, new technologies development, quality system is brought to international standards. He was rewarded with medal “300 years of Russian Fleet” in 1996, Courage order in 1999, “For services before Motherland of the 4th degree” in 2006. In 2000 he became RF National Prize winner in the filed of science and engineering.


Николай Яковлевич КАЛИСТРАТОВ

FSUE “PO “Sevmash” Director General from August 2007 . After graduating from Leningrad shipbuilding Institute in 1973 and came to “Zvezdochka”. He worked as production foreman, chief foreman, head of site, Deputy Head of assembly-commissioning shop, Deputy Head of planning department. In 1986 he was appointed Chief Engineer and in 1992 became “Zvezdochka” Director General.

Candidate of technical sciences, laureate of State prize in the field of science. For great achievements he is rewarded with orders “For services before Motherland” of the III and IV degrees, medal “300 years of Russian Fleet”. He is Honorable shipbuilder of RF and Honorable citizen of Severodvinsk.




Andrey A. Dyachkov was appointed Director General of Sevmash Shipyard in July 2011.

He has been working in shipbuilding since 1974 and at Sevmash - from 1974 to 2009.

He started his career at Sevmash as a young fitter working onboard. After graduating from a higher educational establishment he started to work as a mechanical engineer of nuclear submarine main propulsion plant control panel, then as the deputy to slipway shop head, then as the deputy Director General and submarine construction division head.

Andrey Dyachkov participated in the construction and commissioning of nuclear submarines of II and III generation of different projects to the Russian Navy. In 1990-2001 he greatly contributed to the construction, successful trials and commissioning of “Gepard” multi-purpose nuclear submarine of Project 971.

While he was the deputy to slipway shop head and later as the deputy Director General and submarine construction division head he was managing the works on Dmitry Donskoy heavy nuclear missile cruiser of Project 941 and preparation of the submarine for the trials of Bulava missile complex.

Mr. Dyachkov was to organize and participate in creating and testing outboard systems, equipment and units designed for operation under high hydrostatic pressure and the hull of the vessel of highest state importance.

Andrey Dyachkov was many times awarded by Sevmash and shipbuilding industry administration for his prominent achievements. In 1996 he was awarded by “300 years of the Russian Navy” medal. In 1999 he was awarded with Order of Courage for his vigour and courage displayed in the course of trials of new samples of military products, and in 2006 – by “For naval services” award.


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