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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 07:19
  • military engineering manufacturing for Russian and foreign customers Navy;
  • marine engineering manufacturing for oil and gas production;
  • civil shipbuilding;
  • manufacturing of equipment for mechanical-engineering, metallurgy, gas-and-oil and other branches of industry;
  • atomic submarines and surface ships warranty repair and upgrading, utilizing;
  • design of vessels, marine structures, marine equipment, equipment for oil and gas production.

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From 45 surface ships, 163 submarines (among them 128 have nuclear power units), have been built on Sevmash since 1939. At present at the enterprise atomic submarines of new generation with ballistic rockets are built. Factory`s tests of head ship of project 955  – “Yuri Dolgoruky” are finished. The next ship of this series –  AS “Aleksander Nevsky” – is get ready for leading out from workshop. On March, 19, 2006, laided on 100 Anniversary of Russian Submarine Forces, new submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” is built in the stapel workshop. On the 15th of April 2007 head nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” was moved out solemnly from workshop. The importance of this event for the State is emphasized by the fact of presence on the ceremony President of the RF Dmitry Medvedev.

Within the bounds of the military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, upgrading of heavy aircraft carrier is being carried out, in 2005 two diesel-electric submarines were built.

Civil production manufacturing is focused on the oil and gas fields projects on the shelf of Arctic. The building of the first Russian marine ice-resistant stationary platform «Prirazlomnaya» – a unique construction for work in the Pechora Sea – is entering into its final stage. In 2007 and 2008 two marine semi-submerged platforms MOSS CS50 for «Moss Mosvold Platforms AS» company (Norway), it can to place on which bore, energetic and other equipment, were built and given. The priority project is objects manufacturing for Shtockman gas-condensate field in the Barents Sea.


ОАО «ПО «Севмаш»

Sevmash specialists also take part in construction of surface fields of Russian North – manufacturing of industrial and accommodation modules, equipment for oil production, oil-and-gas pipeline and other objects inspection.

Civil shipbuilding is also the important part of production of Sevmash. More than 100 civil vessels of different classes and purposes have been built since 1990 (tugs, mini-bulk carriers, pontoons, barges, fish farms). At the enterprise manufactured goods of ship-engineering, equipment for energetic, metallurgy, chemical and other industries is produced. Factory`s machine-builders mastered high-tech production for the atomic branch – the transport-packing containers for spent fuel of submarines, ice-breakers and AES.

Scaled facilities, high technologies, highly qualified personnel, certified by international standards quality system allow Sevmash to work efficiently in different directions of activity. The largest Russian shipyard is open for cooperation with home and foreign partners in shipbuilding, atomic power engineering, marine equipment manufacturing, producing of the complex mechanical engineering production and equipment for oil-and-gas industry.

But except of product tasks large attention is payed for the social sphere at Sevmash. Shipbuilders rest and strengthen health in profilactic-curative boarding-houses of the enterprise: «Severniy» (Evpatoria), «Orbita» (Adler), sanatorium-profilactorium (Severodvinsk). In summer children of workers of the enterprise go in camp «Severniy Artec» (Pingishi). At Sevmash there is the remarkable sporting base (PHC «Sevmash») with modern sports-grounds and swimming-pool. Home of engineering-technical workers and Home of shipbuilder of JSC «PO «Sevmash» is the centre of creative life not only for the enterprise, but for the all city.


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