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Design Bureau Sevmash (DB Sevmash) provides engineering support of design and as-built documentation for all products manufactured by JSC PO Sevmash. The Design Bureau prepares documents for products and facilities of ship building, machine building and fuel and energy sector.


The Design Bureau was founded on September 22nd, 1940. Shipbuilding has been its priority orientation over 70 years. Our specialists have provided engineering support during the construction of all head and serial nuclear submarines built by JSC PO Sevmash.


As a part of its production facilities was re-oriented to produce engineering products and surface ships for military and civil purposes, including products based on military-technical cooperation, it resulted in a required substantial expansion of the range of problems solved by the Design Bureau.


At present main activities of the Design Bureau are as follows:

- engineering support for construction, repair and modernization of nuclear submarines;

- engineering support for diesel submarine construction;

- preparing documentation and engineering support for repair and re-equipping of aircraft-carrying heavy cruisers;

- preparing documentation and engineering support for construction of civil vessels;

- preparing documentation and engineering support for construction of oil producing platforms;

- engineering support for construction of transport packages for spent nuclear fuel transportation and storage;

- design of equipment for energy sector enterprises, steel mills, stationary nuclear power plants;

- engineering support of nuclear submarine recycling;

- design of marine journal bearings;

- design of acoustic protection means;

- design of ship furniture;

- design of benches and accessories for vibroacoustic and vibromechanic tests of engineering products;

- tests of engineering products to meet the requirements of vibroacoustic and vibromechanic  parameters;

- stabilizing low-frequency vibration treatment of metal structures.


DB Sevmash is a steadily growing design company that uses a significant experience gained both in the construction of nuclear and diesel submarines, surface warships and the experience gained during the construction of civil ships, including those for foreign customers.

Since the early 90s of the last century up-to-date methods of computer design are intensively integrated into DB Sevmash's works, including three-dimensional modeling. Its own computer-aided design (CAD) Breeze is created that is a complete design tool for all divisions of the Design Bureau. This allows the shipyard to use e-documents to prepare control programs for CNC machines in hull preparation and pipe shops.


Since 2004 the Bureau has used purchased Foran CAD. A number of projects were developed using the system: chemical tanker, semi-submersible platform, floating nuclear power plant and others.


Qualification of our designers allows them to work with design documents issued according to foreign standards. A number of our projects have been carried out according to the regulations of English and German Lloyd and DNV.


Design Bureau’s structure is standard for shipbuilding and consists of the following divisions:

- general designing;

- hull structures and facilities;

- propulsion machinery and ship's service systems;

- electric equipment and automation;

- mechanic engineering;

- CAD and technical documentation management;

- Department of Economics and Project Management.


DB Sevmash also includes:

- civil and industrial construction department;

- complex of bench-top vibroacoustic and vibromechanic tests.


The Design Bureau in its work successfully cooperated with many domestic and foreign engineering companies and research institutes, including:

- CDB ME Rubin, JSC (St. Petersburg);

- Malachite Saint Petersburg Marine Bureau of Machine-Building, JSC (St. Petersburg);

- Concern AVRORA Scientific and Production Association, JSC (St. Petersburg);

- CRISM Prometey, FSUE (St. Petersburg);

- Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, FSUE (St. Petersburg);

- Nevskoye Design Bureau, JSC (St. Petersburg);

- Severnoye Design Bureau, JSC (St. Petersburg);

- Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering, JSC (Nizhny Novgorod);

- Institute of Power Resources Transport, SUE (Ufa);

- Research and Development Enterprise Marine Engineering, JSC (Moscow);

- SMART Marine, LLC (St. Petersburg);

- Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk);

- State Technical Marine University (St. Petersburg);

- CDB Corall, JSC (Sevastopol, Ukraine);

- Subsidiary Brown&Root of Haliburton (USA);

- Moss Mosvold Platforms AS (Norway);

- Sener Ingenieria & Sistemas SA (Spain)

and many others.


In cooperation with design companies in St. Petersburg (Malachite Saint Petersburg Marine Bureau of Machine-Building, JSC and CDB ME Rubin, JSC) a large scope of development works is performed for Navy orders.

In cooperation with Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk) and State Technical Marine University works on implementation of innovation developments are provided.


The projects, for which DB Sevmash is developing documentation and performing engineering support at the present moment:

- Nuclear Submarine «Yury Dolgoruky», «Alexander Nevsky», «Dmitry Donskoy», «Vladimir Monomakh», «Severodvinsk», «Kazan» (Customer - Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation);

- Offshore Ice-Resistant Fixed Platform «Prirazlomnaya» (Customer – Gazprom Neft Shelf, LLC, Moscow);

- Repair and modernization of Aircraft-Carrying Heavy Cruiser «Admiral Gorshkov» (Customer – Indian Navy);

- Chemical tanker with deadweight 45000 tons (Customer – Odfjell, Norway);

- Ocean mega-yacht, length 71 m (Customer – Shipbuilding Company Baltika, LLC, Moscow);

- Transport packages for spent nuclear fuel of nuclear-powered ice-breakers (Customer – Murmansk Shipping Company, Murmansk);

- Equipment for stationary nuclear power plants (Customer – Ministry of Nuclear Energy of the Russian Federation);

- Equipment for tidal and wave-powered power plants (Customer – Scientific Research Institute of Energy Structures, JSC, Technical Committee of RusHydro, Moscow);

- Bench for vibroacoustic and aerodynamic tests of valves for ventilation and air conditioning (Customer - JSC PO Sevmash);

- High-speed journal bearings (Customer – Giprotruboprovod, JSC, Moscow);

- Semisubmersible pantones with lifting capacity 5.5 thou. tons (prospective Customer - Moss Mosvold Platforms AS, Norway).


Completed projects and put into operation facilities developed by the Design Bureau independently or in cooperation with other companies:

- Test site to control vibration and noise characteristics of hydropneumatic accumulators (2010, JSC PO Sevmash, Severodvinsk);

- Semisubmersible Platform MOSS CS-50 (2008, Customer – Moss Mosvold Platforms AS, Norway);

- Orthogonal unit with power 60 kW for Solovetskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant (2008, Customer – Scientific Research Institute of Energy Structures, JSC, Technical Committee of RusHydro, Moscow);

- Floating power unit with power 1.5 MW for Kislogubskaya Tidal Power Plant (2007, Customer– Malaya Mezen LLC, Moscow);

- Set of hydraulic membrane dampers for vibration absorbing systems of main line pump units at Nevskaya Oil Pumping Station, (2007, Baltnefteprovod LLC, St. Petersburg);

- Unified bench for hydraulic equipment, valves and steering gear machineries testing for compliance with requirements of vibronoise characteristics (2006, JSC PO Sevmash, Severodvinsk);

- ТУК–108/1, transport packages for spent nuclear fuel storage and transportation (2006, Customer – Russian Navy);

- Orthogonal turbine for Kislogubskaya Tidal Power Plant (2004, Customer – Ingeokomenergostroy LLC, Moscow);

- Set of hydraulic membrane dampers and angle rubber-cord compensators for vibration absorbing systems of main line pump units for GOS Kigach (2000, KazTransAil LLC, Kazakhstan);

- vibration absorbing complex for main line pump units of Linear Operating Dispatcher Station Karkateevy (2000, Nefteyugansk UMN, Nefteyugansk).


Complex of Vibroacoustic and Vibromechanic Bench Tests is intended for test of engineering products for compliance with current requirements for vibronoise and vibromechanic. The complex is constructed as a result of complete improvement of bench test base of JSC PO Sevmash implemented under technical and scientific and engineering supervision of Design Bureau. At the complex tests are performed by testing engineers of Design Bureau having passed special training.

The unified bench included into the test complex has been designed by DB in association with Malachite Saint Petersburg Marine Bureau of Machine-Building, JSC with scientific and technical support of Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, FSUE. The bench was put into operation in 2006. The bench meets requirements of МПСКШ-87, МКШС-81, МКИВС-95А, ВМУ 0603.5-29 procedures specified to the test benches by proper flow noise and vibronoise characteristics, and certified to test wide range of products of hydraulic equipment, valves and large-sized engineering products. The bench distinctive feature is a high capacity allowing test of hundreds of products per year, providing integrity of construction cycle for primary production orders. At present this bench doesn’t have analogues in Russia.


High quality, relevance and novelty of Design Bureau projects have been awarded by diplomas and rewards of Russian and international forums, exhibitions and conferences. Projects «Floating Power Unit with Power 1.5 MW for Kislogubskaya Tidal Power Plant» and «Unified Bench for Hydraulic Equipment, Valves and Steering Gear Machineries Testing for Compliance with Requirements of Vibration and Noise Characteristics» were declared as winners of competition «High Technologies are Basis for Economy Modernization» of the 10th and 12th international forums «High Technologies of the XXI Century» conducted in Moscow in 2009 and 2011.


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