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Scientific-research, technological and test center (NITITs) is the main test and experimental center of JSC “PO “Sevmash”, fundamental link in the management of quality of production. In present more than 20 test laboratories and specialized districts are in its structure. The staff of NITITs is more than 600 man.
Main points of NITITs are professionalism and investigative  approach, providing quality of works with registration of demands of native and world standards, constant rise of specialist’s qualification.
Leaning against on intellectual possibilities, having exceptional technologies, equipment, certificated staff and necessary right-establishing documents of supervision organs, NITITs provides high level of tests, measures, inspection of quality of production, constructions and ready wares by means of constant perfection of organization of works, inculcation of advanced science-capacious technologies and modern works out.
    NITITs carries out works in the following directions:
- physico-mechanical testing of materials and structures, including materials and structures, used in building (destructive and non-destructive inspection)
- metallographic examinations (inspection of metals and alloys, welding combinations and ready production, productive-investigative works for mastering of new marks of steel and alloys, including investigations of structure and technological characteristics);
-  physico-chemical investigations (determination chemical content of metals and alloys, solid, liquid, gaseous materials using X-ray spectrum analysis, spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma, atomic absorption method, chromatography, polarography, IK-Furje spectrometry);
- non-destructive inspection (visual and measuring, ultrasonic, capillary, leak detection, magnetic particle, radiation, acoustics -emmisive);
-  verification of materials and  structures (scanning electron microscopic, metallophysic examinations, steels and alloys X-ray diffractometry, X-ray measurements of macro- and micro- stresses in details and structures);
- metrological providing of production (systematic analysis of quality of condition of measures,  iinspection and tests in all stages of work out, production and experience exploitation of orders,
checking and repair of measuring means, highly exact and arbitral measures);
- examination of dangerous industrial objects safety of technical arrangements, buildings and constructions;

- preparation of specialists and examination by means of non-destructive inspection in the Examinative center «Sevmash», functioning at the base NITITs, with certification  for specialists of NK accordance to native and Europe standards.    
 The official authoritative confirmation of trust are numerous right-establishing documents of NITITs: Certificates, Licenses and Acknowledgements, received in different test organizations and systems. Fundamental from them: Accreditation by Federal agency of technical regulation and metrology, conforming technical competence of NITITs for tests and investigations and giving the right of checking measuring means in declaring districts; Certificate about acknowledgement of accordance of demands of Russian Navy Registre of Navigation; Certificate about accreditation of Expert organization and Investigative laboratory of non-destructive inspection, destructive and other varieties of tests in the United system of evaluation of accordance in district of industrial, ecological safety, safety in energetic and building; License of Federal service of ecological, technical and atomic supervision in the right of conduct of expertation of industrial safety; Certificates about acknowledgement of the Examinative center «Sevmash».        
    NITITs specialized subdivisions are fitted with up-to-date test equipment. NITITs collective is unanimous, high skilled, mobile group of like-minded persons, consisting of specialists of the best professional skill, confirmed by certificates of II and III international level, certified as experts for examination of technical devices, buildings and facilities on dangerous industrial objects, technical diagnosing and almost all types of non-destructive inspection, they have competence certificates of experts in carrying out certification tests of this or that production type, claimed in the field of accreditation.
    Our experience and competence are beyond any doubt!

At the Examinative centre «Sevmash», organized at the base of  NITITs by the Organ of certification of staff SMC«Quality» (Moscow), preparation of specialists and examination of non-destructive inspection of the I and  II levels of qualification by ultrasonic, radiation, visual and measuring, magnetic, capillary,  acoustics -emmisive means of non-destructive inspection with certification  specialists in OS SMC«Quality», including prolongation of periods of actions of certifications, extension district of certification and recertification;

- is corresponded demands of the System of voluntary certification of staff in non-destructive inspection and technical verification of Russian organization of non-destructive inspection and technical verification (SVCSNITV RONITV), registrated 01.09.2005 by Federal agency of technical regulation and metrology of the RF;

- is corresponded demands of the United system of evaluation of accordance in district of industrial, ecological safety, safety in energetic and building (US EA), making PB 03-440-02 «Rules of certification of staff in non-destructive inspection» to examinative centres, and is authorized OS SMC«Quality» to prepare and to examine for I and  II levels of qualification with the right of non-destructive inspection of objects, which are under supervision of Federal service of ecological, technical and atomic supervision;

- is certificated in the International organ DAR TGA (Germany), carrying in the enclosure of Certificate of accreditation SMC«Quality» №TGA-ZP-05-05-70 from 27.01.2006 as Examinative centre with the right to examine accordance to demands of native and Europe standards in force versions – ISO/IEC 17024, EN 473, ISO 9712;

- is received the right to examine specialists NK for I and  II levels of qualification according to GOST P 51000.9-97, EN 473, SVCSNITV RONITV in shipbuilding and shiprepair in objects, which are supervision of Russian Navy Registre of Navigation and River Registre.

It provides the right specialists, passed examinations in our centre, to inspect objects, is situated both in territory of the RF, and abroad, or is intended for foreign orderers. Certificates, received specialists
 in SMC«Quality», and so, conclusion about results of inspection, signed by them, admitted in territory of the European Union and majority countries of the world. OS SMC«Quality» is the member of the contract about mutual admitting of certificates of organs for certification of staff in territory of the European Union.

In present the examinative centre «Sevmash» has at its disposal all necessary for organization of preparing specialists and quality both theoretical, and practical exams.

Candidate, successfully passed exams, receives two qualification certificates: certificate about attestation (for necessity, with certificate about verification of knowledge of rules of safe exploitation of objects) – period of action 3 years; confirmation about certification – period of action 5 years.

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Leader of the EC «Sevmash» – Kireenko Vadim Vladimirovich, tel. (818-4)-50-45-23, fax (818-4)-50-46-27

Metallographic analysis of steel samples.
Metallographic analysis of steel samples.


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