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Vibroacoustic protection Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 11:05
If your equipment is operated in the following conditions:
- high temperatures,
- aggressive environment.
- ionizing radiation, 
ELASTODAMPING ELEMENTS of thin precision alloy pressed wire, which
• have a wide range of working temperatures;
• are not susceptible to action of oils, greases, water, dust and radiation;
• have a long service life;
• can have different configuration and dimensions.
The following number of structures was developed and put in production on the basis of those elements:
- pipeline support with controlled rigidity;
- manual pneumatic impact tool with improved vibration acoustic characteristics;
- low-noise throttle;
- all-metal shock absorber АСМ-800.

1. EDE working temperature range is determined according to the applied wire temperature range which is within -90 С and +400 С.
2. Maximum static load is equal to 15 nominal loads.
3. EDE static and dynamic characteristics have the evident linear dependence both on static load value and deformation amplitude. 
4. At static load increasing, EDE dynamic rigidity increases so that dampers on the basis of EDE may be referred to equifrequent damper category. 
Brief EDE technical characteristics
Nominal static load at Pnom   1200 N
Static deformation at Pnom   10 ± 0,5 mm
Dynamic rigidity at 0,5 Pnom 1500 kN/m
  at Pnom 3500 кN/m
  at 2Pnom 6200 кN/m
Loss factor   0,01 - 0,3
Natural vibration frequency within deformation range 0,01-0,7 mm   27-14 Hz
Overall dimensions: diameter 60 mm
  height 60 mm



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