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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 16:57
“JSC “PO “Sevmash” produces different customer goods: furniture, crystal, plastic and metal ware.

Furniture production has become commercial since 1952. Cabinet, soft and kitchen furniture is in lots.For manufacturing of furniture the board lumbers of softwood and hard rocks, high-quality lacquers, enamels and fittings are used. Cabinet furniture is faced with finewood veneer and has a decorative-protective coating.

During the furniture production lifetime the greatest experience in manufacturing of different furniture samples has been gained, a large base of modern equipment has been created. A great number of processes, allowing to produce furniture using different alternative coatings - such as coating with finewood veneer, decorative paper- laminated plastic, finish effect furniture film, lacquering, enameling – has been developed.

Since 1999 the enterprise has been actively cooperating with the different health and education institutions of Severodvinsk and Archangelsk with regard to their equipping with specialized furniture. Different variants of chairs, bed-side tables, cots and school desks have been produced.For children’s home “KOLIBRI” (Severodvinsk) the special furniture: wheelchairs, children’s chairs, sectional hurdles, chute-playpen, has been produced. The broadest range of furniture for medical institutions equipping: beds, bed-side tables, tables, chests for linen, medicines, medical instruments, couches, laboratory furniture, chairs, divans, armchairs, - has been mastered. At producing of this furniture the finewood veneer and decorative paper- laminated plastic were used. The decorative plastic gives a fine view to the furniture; it is convenient for humid cleaning and stands the multiple cleanings with chemical compositions; it is abrasion-resistant and hygienic.

All materials used shall obligatory have quality and hygienic certificates The furniture produced in lots has certificates of compliance and sanitary-epidemiologic conclusions. The crystal ware (containing 24% yellow lead) is produced in lots at the enterprise. The output range includes blown and press ware with finishing of outside surfaces and bottom by means of diamond face decoration, with applying of art three-dimensional engraving and patterns, stenciled by sand-blast cleaning with different symbolisms, inscriptions and ornaments. Crystal ware has certificates of compliance and sanitary-epidemiologic conclusions. In 2005 ware of lead crystal with diamond face, produced by FSUE “PO “Sevmash” was presented at “Archangelsk quality” competition and at the All-Russian competition of “100 best Russian goods” program. Crystal ware “Tray” was awarded with diploma of “100 best Russian goods” program. At the specialized sites the household products: gas-stoves, gas cylinders, water bottles, enamel dishes, children’s sledges, heating convectors, keyhole hardware and others are manufactured.

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