Technical production Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 10:15
Shipboard component equipment:

•thrust and support plain bearings;
•flexible metal hoses;
•hoses: 6,4; 4 MPa; rubber armored, rubber-rope with built-in fittings (РВА, Dу 32-300, Ру built-in fittings (РАВА, Dу 50-300, 10; Ру 6,4 MPa); rubberized fabric with built-in fittings (РТВА, Dу 32-300, Ру 1 MPa);
•high pressure connecting hoses Ру 25МPa, Ду 8; 12; 16; 20;
•expansion bellows;
•piping accessories (different kinds of nipple joints; flanges; fittings);
•piping shock-absorbing hangers (ПТАП; ПТАКСС; ПТАМ);
•vortex nozzles for volumetric fire-fighting systems;
•sterntube arrangements (propeller shaft seals; coal-plastic bearings of propeller and stern shafts);
•vibroisolating couplings of shaftings (disk and lamellar);
•screw propeller parts;
•plate washers;
•ion-exchanger and sea water filters;
•electrolyzers and units of copper anodic dissolution for protection against fouling;
•acoustic protection (vibroisolating elements; compensation branches; tuners;
•metal lamellar, rubber-metal, pneumatic shock-absorbers and others).
Equipment and spare parts for metallurgical and ore mining and processing enterprises:

•gripper of 110t, 25t, 16t capacity for cold-rolled and hot-rolled plate production;
•support and working pads for rolling mills for hot-rolled plate production;
•set of units and steelwork for car tipper ВРС-125;
•base drum for cold-rolled plate production;
•scoop for batch loading into converter for converter production;
•framework, girder, bucket, gas suction hood, lid, yoke, tilter for slag pots for converter production;
•fritting trolley ТСГ-4, ТС-2,8 for agglomeration production;
•fritting trolley grate;
•gear ring for by-product coke production;
•ingot platform carrier, rod with lath, connecting rods for breakdown production;
•large-bell cup ДП-3, roof ring, ring frame and others;
•processing equipment units and spare parts for modernization of continuous;
casting machines (CCM) – frame units, roller conveyers, rollers, side-frames, section frames, supports, beams, collectors and others.
Spare parts for grinding-reducing and mining equipment:

•wear plates and saw for mills;
•center plates and others;
•pinion gears, gear-shafts, shafts, wheels, hubs and others.
Equipment and spare parts for heat-electric generating station, nuclear power station and other power systems:

•wear plates and reducing mill balls; drive and driven shafts of reducers; pinion couples with circular tooth; hydrocylinder rods; forging pieces; reducer housing; bearing housings; sliding bearing inserts; hydraulic pump working wheels; piping plugs and flaps Ду 250-450 mm; pipelines;
•pipe plates for nuclear steam condensers;
•orthogonal hydraulic unit for tidal power station.
Equipment and spare parts for railway stock of OJSC «RZhD» and Autodor:

•knurling skids of titanium alloys;
•removable equipment set for reequipping of railway platforms for timber transportation;
•safety fences;
•framework of highway bridges.
Equipment for agricultural sector and building industry:

•vacuum boiler КВ-4,6 М;

transport packing set