Shipboard equipment Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 10:23

-thrust and support plain bearings;

-flexible metal hoses;

-hoses: 6,4; 4 MPa; rubber armored, rubber-rope with built-in fittings (РВА, Dу 32-300, Ру built-in fittings (РАВА, Dу 50-300, 10; Ру 6,4 MPa); rubberized fabric with built-in fittings (РТВА, Dу 32-300, Ру 1 MPa);

-high pressure connecting hoses Ру 25МPa, Ду 8; 12; 16; 20;

-expansion bellows;

-piping accessories (different kinds of nipple joints; flanges; fittings);

-piping shock-absorbing hangers (ПТАКСС; ПВС);

-sterntube arrangements (propeller shaft seals; coal-plastic bearings of propeller and stern shafts);


-vibroisolating couplings of shaftings (disk and lamellar);

-screw propeller parts;

-plate washers;

-ion-exchanger and sea water filters;

-electrolyzers and units of copper anodic dissolution for protection against fouling;

-acoustic protection (vibroisolating elements; compensation branches; tuners; metal lamellar, rubber-metal, pneumatic shock-absorbers and others).


Support plain bearing.

Flexible metal houses.

Expansion bellows.

Screw propeller parts.