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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 10:36
Carbonplastic journal bearings with cooling and water lubrication are designed for operation in ships shaftlines with journal shafts diameters up to 820 mm. 

Technical Features
Principal technical characteristics of the bearings while their use in pure water are given in Table. 

Description of Design
Bearing consists of cylindrical nondetachable housing with antifriction layer, represented a complex of power inserts of molded material ФУТ and hard lubricating inserts of АНИТА-40 material. 
Housing is fabricated from brass. It is allowable for housing to be fabricated from steel and other materials as agreed with customer. 
The exterior of housing comprises mounting surfaces. According to special requirements mounting surfaces can be fiber glass-coated. 
The length of bearing is determined by quantity of average contact pressure on antifriction material, design philosophy of a ship, requirements of inspection groups. Minimum ratio of a set bearings length to journal shafts diameters is L/D = 1
Bearings are interchangeable with bearings of any type 15 mm thick antifriction layer. 

Accessories Included
Bearing is supplied with Certificate as a unit. Bearing is supplied complete with a bushing in case of assembling on a ship with application of polymer materials as compensator of misalignment of bore bossing and propeller shaft 

Maximum circular speed of shaft rotation, m/s


Allowable average contact pressure on antifriction material, MPa


Trouble free period of work without scheduled maintenance work, h


Original life, h


Service life before medium repair, years


Service life, h


Service life, years


Carbonplastic journal bearing. Scheme.

Carbonplastic journal bearing. Photo.