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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 19:31

The platform is designed for production drilling in the region of «Prirazlomnoye» oilfield, situated in arctic conditions of Pechora sea, at the distance of about 60 km from the continent. The platform will provide year-round exploiting boring of oil with the help of vertical and horizontal methods, extraction of oil and preparing it for transferring by tankers.

The platform consists of gravity type caisson, intermediate deck and topside. Caisson is a steel base, which serves as support for interval deck, and topsides, including equipment and complexes for oil production and processing.

The caisson has a square configuration. At the height its sides are sloping, and corners are chamfered. On the bottom level its dimensions are 139m х 144m x141m (altitude mark +0,0), decreasing to 126m х 126m (altitude mark +24.3) in the upper part. The wall along the perimeter of the caisson top to altitude mark +40,5 serves as defense from waves and fields and is structurally carried out as wave and ice deflectors.

Inner volume of the caisson is divided into 16 sections by transverse and longitudinal cofferdams. These sections form oil storage reservoirs (rated capacity 136000 m3), and also premises, where sea chests and zones of mouths of drill holes are situated. For protect against corrosion caisson hull plating in the area of ice effect is made of steel clad with rust-resistant layer.

Platform topsides have facilities for boring and exploitation of drill holes, extraction, preparing and loading of oil, power supply of all kinds of production. At topsides is situated living module for personnel placing, auxiliary module for power-technical and ventilation equipment, two deck cranes, systems of rescue of crew in accident situation, systems of communication, air navigation complex, helicopter landing site.

Metal constructions of the topside are formed from rebuilt topsides of platform “Hutton”. Intermediate deck is the additional level between the caisson and Hutton deck. Tanks for potable water, diesel oil, and different drilling liquids are built in it.

MISP is equipped with modern complex system of management and safety, fundamental part of production are carried out automatically. At the platform automatic distance arrangements are established for loading of oil in tankers.

Main sizes:
Length – 139 m
Width – 144 m
Height – 141 m
Mass – 117000 t (without hard ballast) and 247000 t (with hard ballast)
Quantity of drill holes – 40
Capacity of oil-reservoir – 124000 m3
Volume of oil-extraction – 21000 m3 at day
Personnel – 200 people
Period of autonomy – 60 days
Calculated term of service – 25 years


top side of the platform “Hutton”

caisson block Rolling-out

bilding of MISP «Priraslomnaya»