SFDR «Arcticheskaya» Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 08:44
Non-self-propelled SFDR «Arcticheskaya» is designed for exploration and production petroleum and gas drilling on the shelf of arctic seas to the depth of 6500 m, at sea depth from 10 to 30 meters. Drilling rig is of 16350 tons displacement; it stands on three cylindrical supports of 6 m in diameter and 72 m in height with three rack bars each.

There are living complex and helicopter landing site in the forward part. Drilling block is arranged on the sliding console in the aft part of the rig. Dimensions of living and drilling modules are 88х6 m, and total weight is 14800 tons. Designer General of SFDR is CDB «Corall» (Ukraine). Customer of platform construction is RJSC «Gasprom».
In compliance with Marine Shipping Register RF the platform is qualified to be of KPBU self-lifting class.

Overall length, m   106,2
Overall width, m   75
Width with outriggers, m   68
Overall height, m   75
Length along waterline, m   88
Pontoon width, m   33,6
Depth, m   9,7
Maximal support length below hull, m   47,4
Skid bearing face area, m2   189
Displacement, t    
unloaded   14800
load-line   16354
Overall draught with skids, m   9

self-lifting floating Rig «Arkticheskaya»