Swivels ВЭ-60 and ВЭ-80 Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:36
Swivels are designed for washing fluid supply to drill column hung on swivel stem when repairing oil and gas wells and for drilling works with forced turn of drill column at a specified rotational speed.

Safe operation of swivels in regions with severe climate conditions is provided by high-strength cold-resistant steel with improved corrosion resistance and high impact load resistance.

ВЭ-60/ВЭ-80 principal characteristics:
Height, mm 1368/1790
Width (with branch included), mm 488/596
Lifting capacity, t 60/80
Operating pressure, MPa 16/20
Stem outside diameter for tongs or elevator, mm 89/114
Stem opening diameter, mm 50/75
Wash pipe opening diameter, mm 60/75
Stem rotational speed, 
s-1 (rpm)
2 (120)
Weight, kg 210/400
Warranty service life, years 1,5

Swivels are hung on a traveling block by means of shackle. In this case the trust bearing in the body takes the drill column load. Washing fluid is directed through quick-removable branch and wash pipe to swivel stem which is connected to drill column by the adapter.
To avoid penetration of washing fluid and mud into operational chamber and to avoid swivel leakage, rubber, felt or fluoroplastic seals are used. The complete set includes spares and tools. The complete set can be increased at customer’s request.

production swivel