Vibration reduction facilities Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:45

ynamically engine shaft and pump shaft resulting in service life extension for electric engine and journal bearings;

-to protect equipment from earthquakes and skewing of supporting structures.

Complex configuration is determined based on acoustic-vibration tests of particular pump unit and static/dynamic strength analysis of its structures and systems.

Complex can include:

-damped frames;

-low-frequency shock-absorbers designed to bear the load in the range 100... 10000 kg;

-rubber-cord direct and angle flow compensators with compensating capacity ±50 mm;

-bellow compensators;

-antivibration sleeves to be used in pipings designed for 1.0...6.3 MPa;

-elastic couplings with 10...400 kN*m load moment.


complex of facilities to reduce vibration and compensate static displacement for oil-transfer terminal units