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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:49
Reactors of demetallization (Р-1), hydrodewaxing (Р-2) and hydrofining (Р-3), included in GDS-850 unit, designed for refining of virgin gas-oil fraction, being obtained at preliminary oil distillation, with output of pollution-free commercial grade diesel fuels with decreased cloud and chilling temperatures.
Each of reactors, forming the structure, is the vertical cylindrical unit with elliptic bottoms. On the head of the unit there is the hatch Ду 600 mm, through which internal devices assembly, catalyst and porcelain balls charge are carried out. Supporting body, which is simply supported on the cone shell of foundation, is welded to the body of each reactor. Fastening of the support to the foundation is performed with the help of 4 fundamental bolts М24. The structure is heat-insulated from the outside.
Steel SA387Gr11CL2+A240Tipe321, which is the analog of Russian two-ply steel 2ХМ6+О8Х18Н10Т, is used for manufacturing of reactor bodies.
Engineering data:
  P 1 P 2 P 3
Mass, kg 28000 94500 61290
Body length, mm 6170 12350 9830
с отводами 7709 13870 11360
Internal body diameter, mm 2200 3200 2800
Body cylindrical part
thickness, mm
62 84 76
Elliptical bottom
thickness, mm
65 90  

reactor Р-1 preparation for heat-treatment

reactor Р-3 installation on the transporter

area along weld internal lining