Wet dust collector Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:40
Wet dust collector is intended to clean natural gas from mechanical impurities and liquid in compressor plants of main gas pipes. Redesign of wet dust collectors is conversion in cyclone type for natural gas cleaning that results in simplification of maintenance and service life extension by 7-10 years.

Redesigned device operates in the following way: gas is directed into the device through input choke and is distributed through gas-distributing pipe to cyclones. In cyclones gas is characterized by rotary motion, and due to centrifugal forces mechanical impurities and dropping liquid are separated from gas. Liquid and mechanical impurities from cyclones penetrate to the lower part of the device and are eliminated from it. Gas purified in cyclones leaves the device through input choke.

Principal characteristics:
Gas productive capacity, m3/day 
Operating pressure, MPa 5,5
Gas operating temperature, °С -30...+60
Weight, kg 33650
Principal dimensions, mm::  
H 9000
D 2500
d 2400
B 3000

dust collector when heat treated

dust collector when coated

dust collector transportation