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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:23

To provide oil and gas production, storage and processing Sevmash realizes the following: - design, fabrication and testing (including modules) of separators, desalters, different reservoirs and drums;

- shell-and-tube heat exchangers, hydraulic cyclones, pig scraper launching and receiving valves, reservoirs, vibration balance complexes and other pressure vessels;

- field and drilling equipment (cold-resisting type) design and fabrication (including for the product with high content of hydrogen sulfide);

- equipment transportation to the field, assembly and start-and-adjustment operations; - intrafield pipeline fabrication;

- pipeline and pressure vessel diagnostics and examination.

For pressure vessel flow-line production there is a process worked out at the enterprise using high technologies of surface and underwater shipbuilding. Moreover, the unique production line is developed including:

- tilter for automatic welding of girth butt joints. - stands for hydraulic tests and vessel section vertical assembly.

- stands for automatic welding of vessel shells and welding outfittings in part bottoms.

Sevmash cooperates with the following companies: JSC «Transneft», JSC «Lukoil-ftegaz», «Megionneftegaz», «Sibnefteprovod», «Surgutgazprom», and also «Neftegazoborudovaniye» Co Ltd (Krasnodar), CJSC «Sibburservis» (Tyumen), CJSC «Prommashservice» (Moscow), «Energoproject» Co Ltd (Samara), CJSC «Yukos-Service» (Moscow), CJSC «Arkhagelskgeoldobycha» (Arkhagelsk) and a number of others.


Tedinskoye-Ardplin pipeline construction


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