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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 14:14

Repair and rearrangement of heavy aircraft cruiser.

Heavy aircraft cruiser (former “Admiral Gorshkov”) is being rearranged and repaired for India Republic within military cooperation. This project is one of the most significant for the enterprise both in scope and in novelity of used technologies. Actually cruiser is refurbished in modern aircraft carrier, equipped with the latest technique.

Contract for repair and rearrangement of the ship was signed between FSUE “Rosoboronexport” and India Republic in January 2004. First of all cruiser was taken out of Russia Naval Forces then equipment was dismantled. On the 9th of March 2004 official ceremony of presenting cruiser to Indian part took place, after it according to Contract, ship was given to Sevmash for storage. At present time aircraft carrier is on firm foundation in basin, where dock works are being carried out. At the same time works on upper deck refurbishment are being performed. Many Russian enterprises take part in designing and manufacturing ship systems and equipment.

Repair and rearrangement contract is complex: besides cruiser repair and rearrangement it includes shore deployment objects outfitting, ship repair base in different Indian cities, development of repair documentation, training of crew and technical specialists, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance and spare parts delivery within 20 years of ship operation.


Building of diesel-electrical submarines of 636 project.

Contract for building was concluded between foreign Customer and FSUE ”Rosoboronexport”, ships were laid down in May 2003, and in summer 2005 they were launched. Building, shore mooring and sea trials were carried out in extremely short time, shooting of torpedo-missile complex was performed successfully. In December 2005 diesel electrical submarines were given to Customer and in June 2006 on floating dock “Eide Transporter” they were forwarded to the place of constant deployment. Sevmash specialists, according to Contract, within 14 months from submarines shipment date carry out guarantee maintenance. In November of the following year Sevmash Heads plan to arrange official visit in foreign customer country. They are going to study work progress regarding guarantee obligations.

Submarines of 636 project are designed by CDB MT “Rubin” and are updated variant of famous “Varshavyanka” (project 877). They are fitted with more perfect equipment and radio electronic armament.

Would-be aircraft carrier during docking works
Would-be aircraft carrier during docking works

Diesel electric submarine in enterprise water area  /></a><br /><a href=
Diesel electric submarine in enterprise water area

Model of a would-be aircraft carrier
Model of a would-be aircraft carrier


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