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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 14:03

5% from Sevmash total production amount is ship repair and utilization. From 1950 Sevmash carries out ship guarantee maintenance and repair. In 2004 division 9, performing repair, refurbishment, guarantee supervision and utilization was reformed in department (URMGiU).

Today URMGiU performs:


- repair of heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov”. Cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” has been standing at Sevmash berth since 1999. On ship equipment dismantle, its shipment to Manufacturers for repair. Cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” is included in National Armament Program and its average repair will be provided with financing.


- repair of nuclear submarine of 971 project “Pantera”. After successful repair of one of nuclear submarines of this project, at the enterprise production was prepared for repair the rest of submarines of this series.

To support technical readiness of Northern Fleet nuclear submarine, Sevmash affiliate with two production areas is established in Murmansk. In future it is planned to establish service center in Murmansk for submarine and surface nuclear fleet maintenance.


Since 1989 at URMGiU utilization of ships with WNF and is being in defend had been began.

Since 1990 till 1999 at the corporation full cycle utilization of ships of 705 and 705k projects was mastered, beginning with unloading of WNF, utilization of ship-equipment and corpus, forming of blocks with RO and their dispatch at the station of prolonged keeping in Murmansk`s region.

The next, with more big weight project of utilization became project 667A. In conditions of crisis utilization of one of these nuclear submarines was successfully finished at the enterprise.

Then utilization of nuclear submarines of 941 project was mastered at Sevmash. Since 1999 till 2008 three nuclear submarines of this project were successfully utilized. Six-section blocks with RO were transferred from Severodvinsk to the station of prolonged keeping in Murmansk`s region.

Within “Global partnership” of G-8 for preventing armament and mass defeat materials, under Contract with Great Britain two nuclear submarines of 949 project were utilized.

At present arrangements for guarantee service of  ships of the fourth generation are carried out at URMGiU. It is conducted restoration of shore communications for providing safe service of nuclear submarines at fundamental places of basing. Works for prolongation of resource figures of equipment are organized, also help is rendered for investigations, concerning with decrease of vibroacustic characteristics of equipment and outward noise of nuclear submarines.

Nuclear submarine of 661 project (Goldfish)
Nuclear submarine of 661 project (Goldfish)

Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov near Sevmash berth
Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov near Sevmash berth

Handing over nuclear submarine No. 713 to civil crew
Handing over nuclear submarine No. 713 to civil crew

Nuclear submarine of Akula project utilization
Nuclear submarine of Akula project utilization


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