Логотип Севмаша

Military equpment Print
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 13:57

To main directions of FSUE “PO “Sevmash” activities belong the following:

Manufacturing military equipment for Russian Naval Forces;

Manufacturing military equipment for foreign customers;

Guarantee repair, nuclear submarine and surface ships refurbishment, and utilization.

From 1939 Sevmash has built 45 surface ships, 163 submarines among them 128 with nuclear power generating plant. Within military cooperation with foreign countries heavy aircraft cruiser is being refurbished, two diesel electric submarines have been built. From 1950 Sevmash carries out guarantee maintenance and repair of ships.

To perform monitoring of military equipment building and testing, Naval Forces control acceptance apparatus was formed (today Ministry of Defence agency 1059) on plant No.402 (today FSUE “PO “Sevmash”) in 1939.



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