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Floating dock «Sukhona» Print
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:12
The floating dock «Sukhona» is of 25000 tons lifting capacity. It is intended to raise a vessel on the horizontal ship-way and remove it. It is also purposed for docking and repairing. It is equipped with two cranes (25 tons lifting capacity) and dock positioning facilities. Ramps the shipway platform are of rail and detachable types. Cover is sectional arched. The «Sukhona» is equipped with shore supply and fire fight system, and ventilation and compressed air systems. 6 diesel-generators supply total power of 7600 kW. There are automated steam boilers and desalination plant in the dock.

Overall length, m   202,5
Shipway platform length, m   175
Shipway platform width, m   28
Overall width, m   45,5
Depth, m   26,8
Limit water height over shipway platform, m   13,6
Lifting capacity, t   25000

floating dock «Sukhona», Project 2121
floating dock «Sukhona», Project 2121


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