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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:54

A large dimension diesel submarine Б-396, Pr.641Б, serial №123

The Enterprise has completed the «Submarine-museum» project in accordance with PKB «Sevmash» developed detail design М641Б.360090.9004 for refitting of a large dimension diesel submarine Б-396, Pr.641Б, serial №123. Inventors certificate No. 23854 was obtained in 21.09.2001.

Refitted «Submarine-museum» is located in Moscow being a permanent exposition.

The Customers are Property Department of Moscow and «Submarine-museum».

The shipyard-manufacturer involved in refitting of the DS is FSUE «PO «SEVMASH», Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region. This Enterprise is a well known submarine building facility over the world. A high tech and high level of proficiency are the main features of the Enterprise.

Refitting and arrangement of the submarine close to the battleship with an adequate internal fittings and attraction were the Customer’s requirements for DS in question. DS-museum should strike by fully equipped compartments, complicated design, machinery, control units and at the same time the Customer seeks to obtain the exhibit that would excel the existing ones around the world:

- in representation of submarine equipment, armament, and real life and military service of the crew;

- in impetus to get profound knowledge on the basis of historical development of Russian underwater Navy and important events of Navy at all stages of its activity;

- in organization of mass tourism and teaching (cadets, students and others);

- in organizing ceremonial welcomes, meetings and sittings of Navy seamen and veterans;

- in providing for DS visiting by all citizens and tourists, independently of their age, state of health, including invalids, children of all ages and women without uniform;

-in providing reliability and safety during all operational period of DS-museum.

For DS transportation technical and production decisions on organization and realization of simple and effective delivery of all submarines by seas, channels, sluices, under bridges and by inland water-ways with the help of the welded to DS arrangement of pontoon foundation, were found.

Displacement (approximately) – 2000ts


-Length – 90.2m;

-Width – 8.6m;

-Width on pontoons – 12.8m;

-Draught - 2-2.5m;

-Height from base plane up to superstructure deck – 8.2m.

Mentioned arrangement allows to reduce costs for DS refurbishment at the shipyards, transportation, also for building of shore area and waterside structures of foundation for DS anchorage at the rigid base, because it functions at the same time as a pontoon and as a base foundation, ensuring DS anchorage without additional service up to 80 years.

The waterway of DS delivery at the pontoon-foundation from Severodvinsk to Moscow was the following:

Severodvinsk – Belomorsk – Belomorsko-Baltijski canal – Lake Onezhskoe – Volgo-Baltijski canal – Volga – Moscow canal – Moscow city.


before launch
before launch

submarine-museum with pontoons
submarine-museum with pontoons

sight platform of the first compartment
sight platform of the first compartment

torpedo compartment
torpedo compartment


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