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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 19:17
Push- towed, non- propelled barge, Class of German Register- 100 5A1 ORE-CARRIER, is designed for transportation of bulk cargoes in hold by inland waterways.
Flush deck steel welded hull with open cargo hold 63.5 m in length, on comings of which covers should be mounted. Thrusters are mounted in the stern. Hull material –Grade A steel.

Principal dimensions:
Displacement, ts 425
Overall length, m 76,5
Moulded length, m 76,15
Middle width, m 11,33
Hull height, m 4
Weight carrying capacity at draft 3.95 m , ts 2800
Hold capacity, m3 2600
Delivery of customer, hawser reels 2

river barge


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