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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 19:13
Sea-going bulker, Class of Lloyd Register- LR+100A Container-CARRIER, is designed for transportation of containers and bulk cargoes in hold.

Steel welded hull with forecastle and poop superstructure. Three- deck superstructure with poop-house is located on stern. Open cargo hold, 62.48 m in length, has covers and detachable bulkheads. Hull material –Grade A and A32 steel.Building of hull and superstructure with poop-house and pipe laying as well are performed by PO «SEVMASH». Out fitting is carried out at Customer Shipyard or at PO «SEVMASH».

Principal dimensions:
Overall length, m 89,9
Moulded length, m 84,9
Middle width, m 13,14
Middle hull height, m 7,15
Draft, max, m 5,54
Hold capacity:  
in hold 117
on the deck 80

mini bulker


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