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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 18:27
The structure is designed for severe conditions. The tug realizes traction and pushing tilting, towing, vessels escorting in the harbor and open sea. Standard completion includes all-round thruster resulting in an excellent maneuverability and the tug may be successfully used for working near oil berths.

Besides, additional equipment allows to increase tug’s abilities for:
-fire extinguishing
-lifting operations
-environment monitoring
-buoy control
-mooring ropes and anchor handling
-supply functions
-rescue operations
-diver providing
Register Lloyd classification- +100A1. A special coastal tug or for routing service LMC .

General data and characteristics:
Overall length (including rubber fender), m   30,7
Overall width, m   10,6
Theoretical depth, m   4,4
Displacement (with empty tanks) abt, ts   360
Power, kW   3600

tug of the project «ASD Tug» 3110


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