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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 14:26

The enterprise has the experience in building of large above water ships and vessels. Under Navy’s order «Sevmash» built «large marine hunters», also destroyers and light cruisers. For domestic shipbuilding needs the enterprise built a number of seagoing tugs and nonpropelled lighters, railroad ferries, floating docks of 1700 up to 25000 ts. «Sevmash» carried out the major repair and modernization of the ships, such as passenger motor vessel «Alushta».

On going out to the world market the highest enterprise management chose the strategy of transferring from simple to complicated having in mind successful implementation of the first contracts. As time showed, it was the only right strategy. A perfect proof of this statement is more then ten-year cooperating of «Sevmash» with Dutch company Damen Shipyards, which is one of the world-famous shipbuilding leaders.

The first contracts with the Dutch company were provided for manufacturing at the enterprise tug hulls only. There were many difficulties in realization of this project in 1992, because for the first time the enterprise organized shipbuilding under strict control of the Register Lloyd inspectors. But «Sevmash» engineering services and in the first place specialists of the Sevmash Design Bureau effectively found decisions for all issues and as a result the contracts were executed with ordinary for the enterprise high quality just on term. Step- by -step Dutch partners came to conclusion regarding practicability of completely equipped ships building in Severodvinsk, and now only main engine of American company «Caterpillar» is installed in Holland for cost decreasing.

A successful experience in reciprocal interaction with Damen Shipyard supported the enterprise to win a profitable contract with Swedish company «Promaris» for building of eight marine pontoons of LR +100А1 «Pontoon» type, displacement of 9750 tons, designed for deck cargo and offshore structure transportation and to arrange servicing floating dock for their servicing.

In 2001 the enterprise build unusual structure - fish farm of 90778 project for Sea Wing Inc(USA). Enlarged modules were manufactured at the enterprise and then were transferred by barges to the customer, where sea farm was finally assembled at the site.

In 2000 a diesel submarine of 641Б project was delivered to the enterprise for its refitting into museum, and in August 2003 all works of this project were completed, and the submarine was towed to the capital, where it will be placed at the Khimkinskoe reservoir, opposite the Riverboat station.


top Side of the platform “Hutton”
top Side of the platform “Hutton”

launching of the ships of ASG Tug 3110 project
launching of the ships of ASG Tug 3110 project

pontoon for taking part in the NS “Kursk” raising operation
pontoon for taking part in the NS “Kursk” raising operation


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