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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 10:13

Floating power generating plant for Kislogubskaya power plant

Customer: “IngeokomEnergoStroy”
Keel-laying: 5 May 2006 in workshop No.50
Project: “Sevmash” Design Bureau
Moving out of workshop: 18 November 2006

Using of water energy of flows and ebbs is one of the most of perspective directions of receiving of electricity from renewing of sources of energy. Recently flow-ebb energetic is concerned to direction «little energetic». But modern workings out in this sphere of science and technology, concerning, first of all, constructions of  turbine, allowed to raise essentially efficacy of receiving of electrical energy.

Floating power generating plant is float building of box variety, in which channel for going passing of sea water during flows and ebbs is formed, across channel orthogonal water turbine is situated. Stream of water, going pass in channel, revolves orthogonal water turbine, which implements in action generator for working out of electricity. For exploiting as power plant floating power generating plant due to its floating is approached to the place of mounting and with the help of ballast fixed in hard bottom and coastal foundation, after its switching on coastal electrical nets is carried out.

Technical characteristics:
weight without ballast - 1100 t
length - 33 m
width - 10 m
board height up to main deck - 15.33 m
water turbine wheel diameter - 5 m
synchronous generator capacity - 1 500 kW

In 2004 Sevmash manufactured pilot water unit for Kislogubskaya floating power unit. Thanks to this after ten years standstill station was commissioned again. “IngeokomEnergoStroy” and JSC “PO “Sevmash” concluded contract for building power generating plant, equipped with water turbine with vertical shaft, wheel of enlarged diameter. Project was developed by “Sevmash” Design Bureau designers.

To set power generating plant going

Before moving from workshop