Equipment for earthly fields Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 08:51

«Sevmash» designs, manufactures and tests living and auxiliary modules of different purposes.

At Hariaginskoye oilfield the technological modules of early oil production station for French Company «Total» are successfully used. Import component parts and equipment for module saturation were delivered to enterprise customs warehouse by sea transport, and manufacturing of hull structures, technological modules and equipment assembling are carried out at Sevmash. Designer General is company «Brown&Root» (Great Britain). Working design is implemented by Enterprise Design Bureau. Federal oversight body is Rostechnadzor RF.

Manufactured at «Sevmash» living and domestic complexes, which are easy-to-assemble of block-modules at field conditions, pontoons for raid ship unloading and other equipment, designed at Design Bureau, are successfully used at Peschanoozerskoye field (Kolguev Island). At present analogical complexes as well as technological modules are manufactured at enterprise for Tedinskoye and other fields.

finished modules handling to field