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Potable water unit Print
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:12
Potable water treatment block

Nominal output in water treatment, not 1 m3/hour
Tank capacity 6 m3

The block is equipped with the following systems:
-ventilation and heating,
-automatic centrifugal pump control,
-fire safety, light and acoustic according to sensor signals.

Electric pump block of water reception

Tank capacity 5 m3
One pump output flow 45 m3/hour
One pump head 40 m

Ventilation system is natural, exhaust. Heating system consists of electric fixed heaters. Pump control is both manual and automatic:
1. manual (turning-on, turning-off)
2. automatic (by sensor signal)
Fire safety system is light and acoustic, equipped with sensors.

Electric pump block of water supply

Diesel generator set capacity 30 кW
One pump output flow 45 m3/ hour
One pump head 40 m

water supply block

potable water treatment block


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