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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 08:58

Camp for 350 places is designed by specialists of Design Bureau «Sevmash» for Krapivinskoye oilfield in Tomsk region according to contract with OJSC «Tomskneft».

The camp consists of 9 living blocks and a social one, which includes:

-cafe-canteen for 20 places,

-canteen for 80 places,

-shop with sales area of 80 m2,

-bath-house with sauna,

-aid post,

-base police station,


The arrangement of the following is also provided on the camp territory:

-fruit-and-vegetable store for 60 tons,

-cold store for 45 tons,

-heated and non-heated stores with area of 350 m2 each,

-bath-and-laundry complex for 30 places (150 kg of dry linen per shift),

-bake-houses with output of about 500 kg of bakery products per shift.

Specialists of Design Bureau «Sevmash» also provided camp constructing and equipping with all necessary systems and equipment.


canteen building

living complex

living module


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