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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:05
Technical features:
Number of modules and dimensions: 11200х3000х300016 pcs
3000х3000х40002 pcs
Cover fabricated of trusses, longitudinal braces with subsequent lining by corrugated galvanized plates
Number of consolidation piles 72 pcs
Maximum loading on one pile 1500 кg
Maximum weight of one module 1000 кg

living module

Technical features:

Capacity - 4 foreheads

At installation of two-story beds - 8 foreheads

Weight of the module of 8500 kg

Modules can be used as independently, and in the form of the complexes blocked from 2 … of 10 units.

Each module is equipped by electric lightin

жилой модуль, блокируемый на санном основании


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