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Visit of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill at Sevmash in August 22, 2009
General Director of Sevmash Nikolay Kalistratov meets Patriarch Kirill
At the outfitting quay
At the submarine «Dmitry Donskoy»
Patriarch Kirill: «Wars were won not only by the armament, but, first of all, due to the power of hu
The Icon of Mother of God as a gift for the crew
The model of NPS «Dmitry Donskoy» to remember the visit at Sevmash
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill
The all-night vigil at Nikolsky Cathedral of the former Nikolo-Korelsky monastery
Patriarch Kirill blessed General Director for difficult work
The temple did not manage to admit all the parishioners
Live broadcast of the divine service near the temple
Patriarch Kirill blesses parishioners
Commander-in-Chief of the Belomorskaya naval base Andrey Ryabukhin, Commander-in-Chief of the Northe
The Image of Christ as a gift for Nikolsky Cathedral
Addressing to the parishioners
Patriarch Kirill with the parishioners
The Icon of the founder of the Nikolo-Korelsky monastery Reverend Euphemy and Saint patrons of the t
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