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Sevmash congratulated the partners with national holiday Print
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 12:58

Mikhail Budnichenko, acting general director of JSC “PO “Sevmash” congratulated the commander of the aircraft carrier “Vikramaditiya” captain Surradzhi Berri and head of supervision group Kudaravalli Shrinevas, captain, with Day of Independence of the Republic of India.

Ministerial awards Print
Friday, 27 July 2012 14:26


In the run-up to the Naval Day Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov signed an order of awarding Sevmash ship builders.

For the first time the fighter’s wheels touched the deck Print
Monday, 23 July 2012 09:18

Fighter’s wheels touched the deck for the first time.
Momentous event for the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya took place last week. Fighter’s wheels touched the deck for the first time.

MiG-29KUB, piloted by the hero of the Russian Federation, honored test pilot of the RF, Colonel, Nikolay Diorditsa (his colleague, Mikhail Belyaev, the hero of the RF, was present in the office) made a few approaches over the ship at different heights and touched the deck for the first time. “Running” several tens of meters the aircraft took the air.
After that the test pilot of the Russian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation MiG successfully placed the fighter in a pattern trajectory and touched the deck two times more for another ten minutes.
Nikolay Diorditsa and Mikhail Belyaev are deemed among the leading test pilots who are supposed to carry out the first landing of the aircraft on board Vikramaditya.
Press Service
JSC PO Sevmash

The nuclear-powered cruiser Vladimir the Great has been keel-laid Print
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 14:36

JSC PO Sevmash held a keel-laying ceremony of the strategic subsurface missile carrier Vladimir the Great with the RF President, Vladimir Putin, taking place in it.

Keel-laying of the nuclear power cruiser Vladimir the Great Print
Monday, 23 July 2012 10:02

Late July JSC PO Sevmash is planning to hold a solemn keel-laying ceremony of the pilot ship Pr. 955А (Borey-А) timed to coincide with the Navy Day. The nuclear-power cruiser got its name traditional for all the “grand-ducal” series – Grand Duke Vladimir.

The solemn keel-laying ceremony of the new ship will take place in the presence of RF Ministry of Defense management, Fleet command, representatives of shipbuilding industry.
The series of nuclear-power cruisers of the 4th generation armed with ballistic missiles of Bulava system is destined to be the basis of the Russian naval nuclear forces for the decades immediately ahead.  The design was developed by CDB ME Rubin.
The construction of the series of nuclear-power cruisers is carried out by JSC PO Sevmash, the largest member of JSCo United Shipbuilding Corporation, the only yard in Russia ensuring full cycle of construction of warships with nuclear power plants.
JSC PO Sevmash jointly with Navy and other shipbuilding companies is currently conducting final state trials of the pilot nuclear-power cruiser, Project 955 (Borey) Yury Dolgoruky, testing next nuclear-power cruiser Alexander Nevsky, constructing the third ship Vladimir Monomakh.

JSC PO Sevmash

Trials of the nuclear-power submarine Yury Dolgoruky Print
Friday, 08 June 2012 10:34

The nuclear-power submarine Yury Dolgoruky left for final state trials.

 Yesterday the pilot nuclear-power submarine Yury Dolgoruky, Pr. Borey, set off to the White Sea for conducting the final state trials. Yury Dolgoruky is reported by Naval officers to be commissioned to the Navy on the Naval Day.

Alexey Kravchenko
Anastasiya Nikitinskaya

Joint Stock Company “Proizvodstvennoye Objedineniye “Severnoye Mashinostroitelnoye Predpriyatiye” (as a part of the JSCo United Shipbuilding Corporation) is the largest multidiscipline shipbuilding complex in Russia. Four main business lines form the basis of the production program: execution of the state defense order, participation in military-technical cooperation, construction of marine equipment for offshore development and civilian shipbuilding, manufacture of products for machine-building and oil and gas industry.
Over its 70-year history Sevmash has produced 45 surface ships, 163 submarines, 128 of which are with the nuclear power plant.
At the moment two groups of nuclear power submarines of the new generation are under construction at Sevmash.

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