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The 75th Anniversary of Sevmash Work Force Training School Print
Friday, 12 October 2012 12:49

Severodvinsk vocational school №1 has celebrated its 75th anniversary.


The oldest in the town and the largest in Arkhangelsk region vocational school has celebrated its 75th anniversary. Its main task is to train skilled personnel for the Russian largest shipbuilding yard JSC PO Sevmash and all shipbuilding industry of the Russian North. 
Vocational school 1 trained over 27 thousand workers of various specialties, including welders, lathe operators, machine assembly men, milling machine operators, etc. Over two hundred vocational school leavers come to Sevmash every year.
The school has always been famous for its high quality of training. Educational staff here are highly qualified teachers and industrial training foremen, many of whom have over 25-year experience in educational sphere.
Every year Severodvinsk receives dozens of young men from different areas of Arkhangelsk region to get education. Starting from the second year of training they begin their labour activities in Sevmash workshops, where together with Sevmash personnel they can enjoy any and all privileges available.
The school has modern training and workshop buildings as well as a comfortable hostel. 
Tonight the school veterans and staff, school leavers, honorary guests, members of Sevmash administration, as well as Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk region administration have come to enjoy an anniversary party. Acting Deputy of Director General for Personnel Vitaly Kravets said in his compliment: “Nowadays, in new Russian reality, teachers and occupational foremen make every effort to support the educational modernization, to try advanced training methods, to assure moral and patriotic upbringing of the youth. Sevmash has every reason to be proud of its workforce that came from this vocational school. Let me express deep gratitude to the school managers, teachers and foremen for their glorious work. We wish you health, happiness, prosperity, professional achievements and grateful students, of course.”
This evening a great number of hearty words were addressed from the Shipbuilder’s House stage to the school teachers and foremen and certificates of honour awarded by the RF Ministry of Education and by Sevmash were handed in.
Yelena Vorontsova 
Photo by Sergey Kudyvus



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