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Monday, 24 September 2012 14:18

From September 23-26 Indian Film Festival took place in Severodvinsk timed to coincide with 75 years anniversary of the Arkhangelsk region and 65 years anniversary of the Russian-Indian diplomatic relations.

A word of salutation at the opening ceremony was taken by Indian Navy Aircraft Carrier Repair and Upgrade Team Manager, Captain Srinivas: “Festival is another important step in strengthening relations between our countries. Very close relations have been established between the Indians and the Russians in Severodvinsk and I am sure screening will help to learn more about India and gain a better insight into its cultural identity”. 
Over ten years already Severodvinsk has been a unique center of business, production and friendly relations in the North of Russia. This is the place where diesel submarines for Indian Navy are repaired and where at the moment the Aircraft Carrier “Vikramaditya” is undergoing its final stage of completion. Strong cultural relations – shipwrights, Indian naval officers and their families jointly take part in various town and yard activities.  
During festival opening ceremony spouses of Indian seamen demonstrated national dances and folk costumes. They managed to create an atmosphere of their exotic motherland and put shipwrights into the mood of watching Indian movies. 
Films chosen for the Festival were highly evaluated by international critics; many of them having national awards and the film “Starlets on the land” was nominated for Oskar category “The best foreign film of the Year”.

Yelena Vorontsova


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