First phase of “Prirazlomnaya” Print
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 13:20

First start phase acceptance commenced at “Prirazlomnaya” platform. Acceptance committee comprising of the client, investor and Federal regulatory service visited “Prirazlomnaya” and checked its readiness for drilling.


Following companies participated in this event – representatives of «Gazprom neft shelf”, “Gazprom bezopasnost”, “Gazprom neft”, “NGB-Energodiagnostika” and others. At Sevmash these companies studied as-built documentation and then visited “Prirazlomnaya” platform with inspection. The platform is located in the Barents Sea. 
Committee inspected main systems, which provide drilling. Representatives of the yard made a presentation. It should be noted that the specialists are finishing performing acceptance testing at the platform. These tests ware performed according to procedures, developed by Sevmash design bureau. 
Sevmash submitted materials and structures quality surveillance systems and welding organization and control systems as well as design solutions management system to acceptance committee. Inspectors also got acquainted with the operation of water an foam fifi systems, hoisting equipment, steam system, emergency power station, helicopter deck and many other things. 
As Mr. Valeriy Borodin head of oil and gas marine engineering and commercial shipbuilding production explained, twenty-four systems were successfully accepted out of 31. As for remaining systems, inspectors made remarks, which will be rectified at the nearest time. It is expected that the next time the committee will visit “Prirazlomnaya” platform at the end of September. The decision about start of drilling will be taken up after all first start phase systems and complexes are submitted in full scope.

Ekaterina PILIKINA,
Photo from the archive of JSC "PO "Sevmash"