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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 13:08

Deputy Minister of the Department of Education and Science of Russian Federation Alexander Klimov visited JSC “PO “Sevmash”.

At the meeting with acting general director of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko he discussed the issues if development of professional education, personnel preparation for shipbuilding, perspectives of establishment of Severodvinsk educational cluster.
In the city of shipbuilders Alexander Klimov got acquainted all institutions, which prepare personnel for the yards: vocational school № 1, technical college, Institute of shipbuilding and arctic marine engineering of Northern Arctic Federal University (Sevmashvtuz).
Then Alexandr Alekseevitc hhold a meeting at Sevmash wit the following attendees: Elena Kudryashova, president of Northern Arctic Federal University, Irina Tripolskaya, head of the division of Department of Education and Science, Iliya Ivankin, Minister of Education and Science in Arkhangelsk region, heads of educational institutions and recruitment services of uгban enterprises. They discussed the questions of development of the branch of Northern Arctic Federal University in Severodvinsk and interaction of the branch with JSC “United shipbuilding corporation”».
As Vassiliy Ugrumov, deputy general director, reported, “as a result of the meeting a new unique project of united complex “Severodvinsk educational cluster” will be prepared for development of all stages of uninterrupted system of elementary, secondary and higher professional education, taking into account popular specialties of shipbuilding profile and education process orientation to practical part: “Sevmash participates directly in development of specialists preparation programs”.

Press service of JSC “PO “Sevmash”
Photo by Irina Ogorodnikova