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The nuclear-powered cruiser Vladimir the Great has been keel-laid Print
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 14:36

JSC PO Sevmash held a keel-laying ceremony of the strategic subsurface missile carrier Vladimir the Great with the RF President, Vladimir Putin, taking place in it.

The nuclear-powered cruiser of Borey-А Project has been designed by JSC CDB ME Rubin  (St. Petersburg) and is related to the latest generation of the nuclear-powered strategic missile carriers armed with Bulava ballistic missiles. Current achievements in naval radio electronics and noise reduction methods are being used in construction.
When speaking at the solemn keel-laying ceremony Vladimir Putin mentioned: “By 2020 we should have had eight submarines of Borey Project”. I am sure the entire Project will be implemented. And the new nuclear-powered submarine Vladimir the Great as well as her sister ships, other submarines of the same class will be one of the symbols of the Russian Navy”.
We remind that a series of nuclear-powered subsurface ships of the fourth generation: strategic missile carriers of Borey and Borey-A Projects, multipurpose submarines of Yasen Project is currently under construction at JSC PO Sevmash. The enterprise is the largest asset of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation and the only yard in Russia where the entire cycle of construction and tests of nuclear-powered submarines is taking place.
Deputy Chairman of the RF Government,  Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission affiliated to the RF Government Dmitry Rogozin,  Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, Naval Commander-in-Chief, Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov, President of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation Andrey Dyachkov, Acting Director General of JSC PO Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko, managers of shipbuilding and design companies, representatives of financial field, Naval command took part in the formal keel-laying ceremony of the nuclear-powered submarine cruiser Vladimir the Great.
The RF President Vladimir Putin has personally laid down the plate to the ship’s hull. Memorable sign on the bulkhead was fixed by JSC PO Sevmash workers: assembly worker Denis Dyachkov and electric welder Vitaly Morozov.
Upon completion of the keel-laying ceremony Vladimir Putin held a meeting in Severodvinsk on issues relating to execution of the state arms program.

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