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Progress at Prirazlomnaya platform Print
Monday, 12 March 2012 09:56

Pre-drilling studies are at full speed at Prirazlomnaya platform at the moment.

«Today challenge number one is to make the drilling facilities ready to operation - said Sevmash Deputy Director General, Head of Oil and Gas Offsore Engineering and Commercial Shipbuilding,Valery Borodin. – Casing pipes for drilling have been already installed. This is the challenge Sevmash and other Contractors’sstaff is working at. The power supply unitis being pre-commissioned as well. The third turbine should be put into operation to ensure continuous drilling. Right now start up and adjustment of this unit is taking place there. Concurrently with that as-built, approval and operational documents are being submitted. We have prepared packages of documents related to the work performed to be handed over to the Client, Gazprom Neft Shelf,LLC..

At present 534 people are working at the platform. There is 90% of drift ice 50 cm thick around the Prirazlomnayaplatform. Three vessels delivering everything requisite for Prirazlomnaya platform life support from Murmansk have been keeping watch as before.


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