Логотип Севмаша

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Sunday, 11 March 2012 09:50

The Overseen Team officers supervising re-equipment of the Aircraft Carrier Vikramaditya and their families celebrated national holiday – the Holi.



Holi is a bright and colourful spring festival. Legend has it that a wicked DemonessHolika died on this day.

Warship Production Superintendent Captain Srinivas stated: «We are true to our traditions and patriotism feeling becomes even stronger when being away from home. In India this holiday is celebrated outdoors and in a more extensive manner; apart from throwing powder people pour coloured water over each other. It’s quite symbolic that this colourful festival has occurred on International Women’s Day, indeed Russian women employed at Sevmash look, as it seems to us, very strong, working on board the ship and in workshops. Almost half of the work inrespect of our Project has been performed by them».

The holiday was traditionally celebrated by people in bright national costumes with Indian songs, dances, delicious food and throwing coloured powder at each other.


Yelena Vorontsova, Press Service Specialist

Photo by L.Kopylova



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