Training the Aircraft Carrier Crew Print
Thursday, 03 November 2011 22:27

Yesterday 16 officers of Indian Naval Forces got the certificates from the RF Ministry of Defense about successful completion of training.

These officers are the crew members on the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, which is now under repair and refitting at JSC “PO “Sevmash”. According to the contract for repair and refitting of the ship the Russian party shall train the Indian crew, which is then expected to serve on the aircraft carrier.

Yesterday the officers of electromechanical unit completed the training course that had lasted since the 15th of March. They are the last ones of the first group of Vikramaditya crew members, in which there were 152 people in total.

The training was arranged in two stages: the theory was studied by the Indian seamen in Saint-Petersburg at the Naval Academy, and the practical training was done at Sevmash, studying the material equipment on the aircraft carrier itself, where they are expected to do the service. The Certificates of Naval Academy of the RF Ministry of Defense were presented to the Indian seamen by Valery Krukovich, Deputy Head of the Training Center for the Foreign Military at the Naval Academy.


The Warship Production Superintendent, Mr. R. Swaminathan, has arrived to congratulate the officers. Mr. Swaminathan addressed himself to his countrymen, “It is a great day for you today. You have got the documents of training completion. Soon you will come back to India, and there you will share your knowledge with your subordinates. I am sure that the training was successful. We are thankful to the Russian side for this”. The practical skills will be to the full extent trained by the crew members during the ship sailing on the sea, the first sail is planned for May and these officers will come to Russia again.


At the moment the second group of Indian crew specialists undergo training, there are 112 of them. The first groups have already come from Saint-Petersburg to Severodvinsk. The third group will start training next year. In total more than one thousand Indian servicemen will take training on different training programs.

Anastasia Nikitinskaya,

Head of Press Service, JSC “PO “Sevmash”

Photo by Alexander Tretyakov