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Important tasks of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and Sevmash Print
Friday, 25 November 2011 22:20

“An unprecedented contract in the history of Russia has been concluded at Sevmash. Under this contract Sevmash has received work load until 2022”, - declared Roman Trotsenko - President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation in the course of his meeting with shipbuilders.

During his regular visit to Sevmash Roman Trotsenko has inspected progress of works on the aircraft carrier modernization and repairing and held a meeting with Sevmash workforce. Almost 500 of shipbuilders gathered in a conference hall of the shipbuilding shop, who looked toward to know about prospects of the enterprise at first hand - from the USC President Roman Trotsenko and Director General of Sevmash Andrey Dyachkov. The meeting lasted two hours instead of one hour planned and covered all the sensitive issues: from conclusion of defense contracts and Sevmash prospects to revision of payroll accounting procedure and housing construction for the shipbuilders.

“The largest contract ever concluded with one legal entity in the Russian Federation was signed on the 9th of November this year in the presence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin”, - commented Roman Trotsenko at the meeting. – This is the contract for building of nuclear submarines series at Sevmash. The contract is unprecedented not only in respect of its value but also in respect of planning term. At present Sevmash is loaded up till 2022. There are not so many companies in our country which have a ten year clear perspective with respect to paying wages and products realization. And Sevmash is the first one among them. I congratulate all the shipbuilders and citizens of Severodvinsk on that, because now we can face the future securely. But we cannot ease as we have another important challenge which is to execute all the commissions of the Government and to build submarines on time”.

The USK President also dwelled on the most sensitive social issue which is construction of housing. “Shipbuilders who need housing will be granted with reimbursable preferential loans. Period of loan is very advantageous for the present time and is 7-10 years, - remarked Roman Trotsenko. Construction of first 500 quarters is planned for 2012. In the very near future a special housing program shall be developed covering a period of 10 years. In this interval of time we have to resolve the problem with quarters provision completely”.

Anastasia Nikitinskaya,

Head of Press Service of JSC “PO “Sevmash”

Photo by Oleg Perov:

In the picture: А. Dyachkov and R. Trotsenko are commenting to journalists on results of meeting with Sevmash staff.



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