Captain Swaminathan Said Goodbye to Sevmash Print
Friday, 02 December 2011 22:13


Today Warship Production Superintendent held a farewell meeting with Sevmash managers and Severodvinsk newsmen.



One of these days Captain R. Swaminathan  is going back to India to continue his service in the Combined Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense. Acting Director General of JSC “PO “Sevmash” Mikhail Budnichenko thanked the Warship Production Superintendent for cooperation and remarked that Sevmash people and the Indian partners had learned and adopted a lot from each other. “It’s a pity that we have to part. But the time moves on and it can't be helped. I hope that back home your efforts will be worthily appreciated, and our people will have a chance to cooperate with you on this ship” – said Mikhail Budnichenko.

In return Mr. Swaminathan thanked the shipbuilders for their hospitality, responsibility and professionalism. “I was pleased to deal with Sevmash managers and specialists.  During this time we have progressed a lot on the aircraft carrier. I believe that it was a very productive period in the ship modernization, – remarked Mr. Swaminathan. – We have sea trials before us. I am sure that by virtue of  high quality and workmanship of Sevmash shipbuilders the aircraft carrier will be delivered on schedule.”

Mr. Swaminathan said that he would take the most pleasant memory about Russia, work, friendship and cooperation with him.

Mr. Swaminathan ’s successor captain Mr. Srinivas is coming to Severodvinsk one of these days. He will supervise over the final stage of modernization and attend the sea trials of the aircraft carrier.


Yelena Makovetskaya,

Specialist of Press Service of JSC “PO “Sevmash”

Photo by Irina Ogorodnikova