The 30-th Anniversary of the Lead Akula Submarine Print
Thursday, 29 December 2011 14:12

Today in Sevmash museum the veterans of the shipyard and military seamen brought back to memory the history of construction of the largest submarine in the world - nuclear-powered submarine Dmitry Donskoy. 30 years ago on the 29th of December 1981 the ship was commissioned to the Navy.

The shipbuilders and military seamen have every reason to be proud of the unique nuclear ship. More than 1000 companies throughout the country participated in its construction, 1219 Sevmash employees were awarded orders and medals. The lead nuclear submarine Akula was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for its dimensions.

After 10 years of operation the lead nuclear ship was laid up for repairs and re-equipment. In 2002 it was taken out of the workshop, with some systems and complexes upgraded to the level of the 4th generation submarines. In 2002 the ship was born anew. In recent years a new missile system Bulava was tested onboard Dmitry Donskoy. Today the ship supports testing of new submarines built at Sevmash. The ship’s crew is headed by commander 1st rank Oleg Tsybin, in charge of the shipyard commissioning team is commissioning engineer Yevgeny Slobodyan.

Research assistants of Sevmash museum prepared an exposition for the 30th anniversary of the lead Akula, and the television studio staff made a video “Dmitry Donskoy is in-commission again”, which were shown to the guests.



Anastatia Nikitinskaya,

Head of Press Service of JSC “PO “Sevmash”

Photo by Maxim Vorkunov