Congratulating the New Governor Print
Monday, 06 February 2012 13:45

Sevmash delegation took part in the ceremony of Igor Orlov taking up position of the Arkhangelsk region Governor.

On the 3rd of February regional deputies voted for Igor Orlov to be vested with authority of Arkhangelsk region Governor. The same day inauguration of the new head of the region took place. At the celebration Sevmash delegation was led by Sevmash Director General Andrey Dyachkov, his Deputy Sergey Novoselov and Chief Engineer Alexey Alsufyev. Andrey Dyachkov stated: “There is an uneasy task for the new head of the region. As a rule, people of the North are not high-fed with attention of the authorities. But they want to live a life good enough in all respects: children need to go to school, the shipyard has to be functioning and people should be paid fairly. To achieve such results, first and foremost, economy is to be developed. I wish our new governor that he would succeed in keeping his words, which he gave during the solemn oath today. And we will assist him in doing this.”


JSC “PO “Sevmash” Press Service