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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 14:41

JSC “PO “Sevmash” Director General, Andrey Dyachkov, gives his comments on the yard’s visiting by Dmitry Rogozin, Vice Prime Minister and сhairman of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation.



“The first and the most important issue discussed was related to the yard’s renovation, - told Andrey Arkadyevich. – Those tasks on construction of two large groups of nuclear-powered submarines Sevmash is entrusted with lead to the necessity of the yard’s re-equipment. Let me remind you that the latest re-equipment was completed in early eighties last century. Today the yard’s improvement program was approved by relevant Ministries as Mr. Rogozin was informed by Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the RF, Andrey Klepach and Director of Shipbuilding Industry Department of Ministry of Industry and Energy Leonid Strugov”. The program on development of Military-Industrial Complex will be submitted to the Government for consideration in March. This is what Dmitry Rogozin told the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, on the day following his visit to Severodvinsk.

During the Vice Prime Minister’s visit to the yard the issues related to the State defense order and its financing procedure were brought up. “At the business meeting regarding “Perspective outlook of the Navy” there was reached a common comprehension that fleet construction planning and program preparation should be made out for 30 years ahead minimum rather than for 5-10 years, as it has taken place in recent years, - continued А. Dyachkov. –Fleet construction planning for such long-term period of time used to be applied in the Soviet Union. Today the great maritime states practice such methods. It is vital that the present-day Russia is coming back to it. This practice makes it possible to avoid influence exerted by some managers which means that subjectivity is getting down in such matter of great importance as construction of combat ships. And this will be helpful for shipbuilders to explicitly understand their tasks and further work load”.

Another fact of importance is that the event passed is not episodic. It is the start of methodical work; the similar meetings will be held in the Baltic and Pacific Fleet.

Anastasiya Nikitinskaya

Photo by Maxim Vorkunov



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