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Increase of state defensive order is demanded Print
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:35

Meeting of Council of directors is taken place at Sevmash.


Director of the enterprise Nikolay Kalistratov spoke with report for first half-year of 2010. «We have very hard year by loading, and I reported about it, – Nikolay Jakovlevich commented by results of Council of directors. – Growth of labour-capacity for first half-year is composed 120 per cents, that is people worked more. Number of principal production workers is increased – 105 per cents. But it`s all the same insufficiently, and therefore many people worked in days off and overtime. Thank them very much for it. Due to selfless labour of shipbuilders all our economical figures are good».

One of aspects of the report is staff. It is ordered for leaders of Sevmash to form the program of providing of young workers with dwelling. It can be official or hired floor-space, it is necessary to work out variants.
Questions of future loading of production powers of the enterprise were discussed. «The plant will be developed, including repair, and, may be, building of big over-water vessels, – N. Kalistratov continues. – At the fleet there is «Admiral Kuznetcov». For along time heavy atomic rocket cruiser «Admiral Nahimov» is expected. In next year money will be given out for it, and big work will be begun. Nevertheless, the volumes are not insufficiently, increase of state defensive order is demanded, and in this question I received support of council of directors».

The theme of joint enterprise with Paris «Sevmash – Doris» is raised. The contract of intentions was signed in December of last year in verges of celebrating of 70 anniversary of Sevmash. So far loading of this enterprise is not defined. President of USC Roman Trotcenko recommended to limit by creation of  consortium.

Anastasija Nikitinskaja,
head of press-service of JSC «PO «Sevmash»


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