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Wednesday, 20 October 2010 13:38

General director of Sevmash Nikolay Kalistratov from religional man of Nikolo-Karelskiy`s church  and the collective of Sevmash  expressed the deepest sympathy for Arkhangelsk`s and Holmogorsk`s Eparhija in connection with untemporary death of Arkhangelsk`s and Holmogorsk`s episkop Tihon.


«Owing to his untiring labors and troubles, prayers and the deepest faith destroyed sacred places were begun to restore, and churches – to built in Arkhangelsk`s region, – it is said in the condolescence. – We  thank him for the active participating in rebuilding of our factory`s church – former Nikolo-Karelskiy`s church. With the help of episkop Tihon the very modern submarines were gone away in the sea. Having uneasy way, he applied large efforts for a strengthening the christian faith. His merits in a preservation of civil peace and consent in the region are not estimated. The light memory about this remarkable person, devoted himself  for serving of faith and native land, will be preserved in our christian hearts».

Anastasija Nikitinskaja,
leader of the press-service of JSC «PO «Sevmash»


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