Pipework fabrication facilities Print
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:19

Pipes are fabricated from:

- stainless steel and titanic alloys with the use of fittings;

- steel, special and copper-nickel alloys with the use of bent runs external diameter of which is 325 mm;

- billets fabricated with rolling method.

This production branch performs:

- pipe cold bending (Rb=1,5 - 3,5);

- fabrication of steeply curved fittings and pipe-bends on the HFC heating plants – NB 50-400 mm and Rb=1,5 from DN made of steel and copper alloy; on the cold bending plants – NB 50-300 mm and Rb=1,5 - 3,5 from DN made of steel and copper alloy, stainless steels and coppernickel alloys;

- assembly of pipes and units on the special mounting stands and piloting plates;

- machining of pipes (about 307 standard types) fabricated from various materials – 6 - 377 mm nominal diameter, 1,5 - 20,0 mm wall thickness;

- chemical cleaning in alkali and acid solutions;

- fabrication of heat insulation which construction depends on pipeline intended use and operating liquid temperature;

- connection ends beveling by pressure method on the turning-bending and boring machines;

- strength tests at 300 kg/cm2 pressure in the enclosure; greater than 300 kg/cm2 – in the reinforced room; Рmax= 800 kg/cm2; room dimensions are 2500x2500x5500 mm;

- tightness tests with threshold sensitivity up to 6,7 х 10 -11 m3 Pa/sec;

- monitoring of hydraulic tests.

Production facilities include argon-arc welding and manual welding stations and sites equipped for general assembly.

Complicated pipe bending has a geometric deviation coefficient not greater than 4% - 6%, wall thinning at the smallest radius of bending within 20% range, internal surface crimping of bending within 3% range. Pipe bends which diameter is greater than 377 mm are fabricated from sectors. Sectorial geometry calculations are computerized.

Pipe fabrication envisages assistance of:

- mechanical production facility to manufacture wayside pipe connections (union connections for pipes not greater than Dn=45 mm, pipe flanges not greater than DN=260 mm) and adapter fittings: connecting adapters, T-joints, cross-joints, bends, L-mounts for pipes not greater than DN=220 mm);

- thermal treatment production for annealing and application of special coatings at low and high temperature ranges (oxidation);

- paint insulation production for application of corrosion resistant coatings;

- electroplating production for application of corrosion resistant and decorating coats;

- specialized production for fabrication of billet pipes from longitudinally welded plate and titanic alloy pipe welding.

pipe bending equipment
pipe bending equipment

pipe bending equipment
pipe bending equipment

pipe bending equipment
pipe bending equipment