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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:15

This branch covers the following operations:

- shipway structural assembly of component parts;

- machinery and equipment outfitting;

- pipeline installation and testing;

- coating of steelworks;

- watertightness tests.


Building commissioning equipment includes:

- two shipways fitted with portal cranes, lifting capacity of 100 and 320 tons;

- waterworks facilities representing banked-up flooded basin; dimensions of the basin are 159x325m at +1 m level. Harborage-headed waterworks facilities has 42 m width exit;

- sideways launching slipway;

- outfitting and trial yards fitted with cranes (160 tons) and provided with all power sources;

- ship carriers and floating docks (20000 tons);

The first dock has two docks which overall dimensions are 302,5x44,4 m and gate dimensions - 34,7 x 38,3 m. These docks are provided with two frame cranes (100/20 tons, 26,05 m lifting height). The cargo is transferred from one dock to the other by means of bridge cranes (5 tons lifting capacity, lifting height up to 30 m). Tandem operation of frame cranes which lifting capacity is 100/20 tons enables to take a maximum weight (175 tons) of transferred components using a crane beam. Maximum width of fabricated steelworks is 37,5 m.

The second dock gate is 57 x 52 m. The dock comprises three ship-ways. It is equipped with two frame cranes – lifting capacity 320 tons, lifting height is about 40 m. Transverse transportation is accomplished by bridge cranes of 15 tons lifting capacity and lifting height up to 60 m. Tandem operation of frame cranes enables to take a maximum weight (540 tons at 37 m lifting height) using a crane beam. Ancillary aisles are provided with cranes of 10/30 and100/20 tons.

The shipyard closely co-operates with RF Maritime Register of Shipping, German Lloyd’s Register, Lloyd’s Register.


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