Non-metallic products facilities Print
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:24

This branch performs:

- corrosive protection of metallic materials;

- reduction of machinery noise and vibration;

- provision of tightness for the structural units and ship systems;

- high-quality preparation of surfaces followed by application of coating using shotblasting equipment;

- application of anticorrosion, antivibration, antidrumming, low-conductivity coats on metallic, concrete surfaces and multi-profiled surfaces;

- application of polymeric coat, foam plastic and butirol on the fastenings and other items;

- machining of non-metallic materials;

- cutout of sheet non-metallic materials to fabricate gaskets of irregular shape;

- preparation of rubber for pasting;

Equipment enables to fabricate the following products of high quality:

- rubber items from nitrile and styrene raw rubber;

- glass-fibre-reinforced plastic items of different purpose;

- consumer goods and other items from plastic and glass-fibre-reinforced plastic;

- furniture decorative elements fabricated from hard polyurethane foam.

Special bays are equipped with:

- thermoplastic production plant KUASI – shot volume up to 1156 cm3 and hydraulic force up to 250 tons - designed for fabrication of items from high and low pressure polyethylene;

- two mixing-filling plants TRUZIOMA and loop conveyer;

- equipment for welding of parts from vinylplastic, elastron, polymer films, elasteron lining of all volumes;

- special equipment for spheroplastic fabrication (up to 200 tons per year); spheroplastic is of high hydrostatic strength, oil chemical resistance, high dielectric indices, heat insulating properties, and low water absorbency.


nickel-plating bay
nickel-plating bay